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Lamborghini Unveils Urus Off-Road Package

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Many owners of Lamborghini’s latest SUV probably won’t punish them with off-road antics. But if you need a family hauler with grip in all situations, Lamborghini has unveiled the Urus off-road package, and it is ready for any situation. Announced on their news page this weekend, the new package starts with ride height.

If you need to take on an obstacle, you will have 9.8″ of ground clearance. This increases the approach angle from 20.3 to 27.9, and departure is up to 28.3 from 26.8 degrees. We already knew it would have more driving modes than their cars, and now they are explained. Sabbia locks the differentials for fun in gravel or sand, and Terra is meant for crawling up tough trails. The optional washing package keeps the windshield, headlights, and cameras clean, allowing you to see the adventure ahead. Our dealers have all the pricing and options, so click the link below to find an Urus near you.


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