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Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: The Supercar of the Future

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Lamborghini has shocked the automotive world with the surprise unveiling of the Terzo Millenio. The Italian automaker is saying this is the super sports car of the future. Powering this truly exotic car is an electric powertrain that can recover lost energy.

For energy storage, Lamborghini is looking to create new technology that allows the car to have a massive pool of energy at the ready. One interesting concept brought up with the Terzo Millennio is the ability to store electric energy in the structural composites. This means that the body itself would act as a battery. With a body that’s alive with energy, Lamborghini also wants the panels to monitor the car’s health (cracks and damage) and report it.

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So, yes, it seems as though Lamborghini is looking to an electric future with the unveiling of the Terzo Millennio. Is this a sign of the death of the famous Lamborghini V12? Not for the time being.