Lamborghini Reventon

Lamborghini Reventon Pulled Over After Hard Acceleration in Monaco Tunnel

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There’s a specific tunnel in Monaco that draws supercars to it like a magnet. Seriously, go on YouTube and look up “Monaco Tunnel” and you’ll be provided with enough videos to watch for days.

One supercars that made its way to the tunnel was the Lamborghini Reventon. This car was unveiled way back in 2007 when it turned heads at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Reventon still turns heads to this day and, unfortunately, it turned the head of a police officer in Monaco.

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In a new video from Fipeux, we see the Reventon fly into the famous tunnel, blaring its engine. Fipeux even said in the description that it was the first time he’d head the Reventon accelerate that hard. Because of the car’s presence, both audibly and visually, a police officer pulled the car over just 10 seconds after it started down the tunnel. Of course, when you can afford a Reventon, you can afford a traffic ticket, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow traffic laws.

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