Lamborghini Polo Storico Relaunches Marque’s Restoration Center

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While the future is always the goal to work towards, the past is never a thing to forget, and with the relaunch of their restoration center in Sant’Agata, Lamborghini has created the ultimate homage to their own history.

Lamborghini Polo Storico is the latest division created within the supercar manufacturer’s corporate structure, and its entire purpose is dedicated to a careful preservation of the past. As an April 16 press release from the manufacturer describes, the duties of this center include maintaining the brand’s archives, restoring historic vehicles through historically accurate methods, certification of historic Lamborghini cars and offering a supply of genuine spare parts for all models.


To best maintain their archives, Polo Storico has created a digital version, the Archivo Storico Lamborghini, which is available to all enthusiasts, owners, journalists and researchers. Every available piece of data about the brand, from publications, to technical schemes, body colors, leathers and more, is included in this archive, creating an unparalleled collection of automotive information and history.

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In addition to researching their history, owners of historic models will be able to bring them up to complete running condition using only original parts through this center. Technicians in Polo Storico aren’t just highly skilled mechanics, but highly skilled automotive historians with working technical knowledge. As the release describes, “Not only the materials, but the methods and processes of the restoration are as close as possible to the original.”

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Be sure to visit Lamborghini’s website if you can’t make it to their Italian headquarters in person, and explore this new wealth of knowledge in full detail. When you’re done visiting digitally, be sure to take a look through our exclusive listings of historic Lamborghini models, and find the perfect restoration to bring with you on your visit.


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(Source: Lamborghini)

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