Lamborghini Museum Now Navigable on Google Maps

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What Lamborghini enthusiast wouldn’t like the chance to explore The Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese in Bologna, Italy? For those Lamborghini Enthusiasts with absolutely no time to spare in their schedule, Google Maps is providing the opportunity to indulge in the museum, whenever from wherever.

Automobili Lamborghini has released an inside view of their Lamborghini Museum using Google’s advance Street View technology. They are the first of the Italian automobile manufacturers to create this type walk around for one of their buildings, and they did an incredible job at that. The technology allows for you to explore the museum step by step, look around and even virtually take a seat inside some of the cars.

The building is two floors, both of which are full of Lamborghinis, new and old. Take a close look at the Lamborghini Miura downstairs, or travel up the spiral stairway and see an Aventador Roadster hanging on a wall. The assortment of Lamborghinis is outstanding, and gives a well detailed feel that you may have just taken a step into Italy.

Google Maps Tour of the Lamborghini Museum

lamborghini museum 2

lamborghini museum

(Media Source: Google Maps)