For Sale Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura from “The Italian Job” For Sale

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In the beginning of “The Italian Job,” there’s a certain Lamborghini Miura P400, donning an orange finish, racing through the mountains. If you’re unfamiliar with this scene, watch the following video.

Okay, now that you’re crying over a Miura being destroyed, I have some great news for you. First of all, the Miura lived. Secondly, it’s for sale.

lamborghini-miura-italian-job-11252015 (3)

Available through Cheshire Classic Cars in the United Kingdon, this classic was completed for delivery back on July 2, 1968. It’s one of only three built in 1968 to feature the “Arancio Miura” finish. And, since its birth, it’s gone through just five different owners.

The car’s description notes that it comes with a new engine block, due to the original one having a hairline crack. Along with the new engine, it also received a “concours-standard” paintwork refresh while it was having a new engine installed. If you just have to have the original engine, don’t worry, because this sale includes the matching-numbers block.

Most people may have even forgotten that “The Italian Job” included a Miura, but for those that remember, this is a pretty big deal.

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(Image and News Source: Cheshire Classic Cars)