Huracan Lamborghini Videos

Lamborghini Huracan vs Modded BMW M5

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It’s going to be a great weekend for racing here in Florida. So keep it at the track and never judge your opponent before the end of the 1/4 mile. Our friend Brooks from Dragtimes knows this all too well, as he has a knack for filming unlikely races. In his latest upload, we see a Lamborghini Huracan vs a modded BMW M5.

At first glance, the Italian would seem to have an advantage in both weight and power. The Bavarian opponent looks stock, but it has been treated to a pile of new parts along with a custom tune to take full advantage of them. But the BMW is heavier by 800 lbs, and the rule of thumb is 100 lbs is worth 0.1 seconds in the quarter mile. Once you see who wins, it is easy to guesstimate how much power it is making. Tell us which one you would choose in the comments below, and keep the racing at the track!


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