Huracan Lamborghini Photographer's Perspective

Lamborghini Huracan on a Mountain Road With TMash Photos

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Article and photos by Tanner Mashburn, TMashPhotos

When photographing the Lamborghini Huracan for the first time, I wanted to make sure to capture the car in a way others may not have yet. To achieve this, I made sure to start off with simple backgrounds. They were used for some overhead shots that are extremely simple, yet capture the aggressive character of the Huracan.

tmash-photogperspec-huracan-051215 (23)

Next, the owner and I took the car to a new location, where we put it in front of one of my favorite backgrounds. The color of the stone and pavement contrasted well with the Grigio Lynx exterior of the car. This was touched up further in editing by bringing out more of the highlights to really get as similar a color spectrum as possible.

Detail shots were next, trying to capture the small emblems and logos with a shallow depth of field. Toward the end, we focused on motion shots. These are the most difficult to capture when not using a rig or camera car, so most of the final image is created in editing.

tmash-photogperspec-huracan-051215 (30)

When editing the other final images, I focused on adjusting as few things as possible. The biggest changes actually came from editing the sky to bring out the best of the background given. Other small things included removing some bug spots or lines on the road in some photos, and bringing out the highlights in others.

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We finished the shoot with a video of the race exhaust that was recently installed on the car. It sounded amazing with loud pops and crackles, and is something I think all Huracans should come standard with.

I look forward to my next Huracan shoot and will keep in mind everything I learned from this one to improve.

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