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Lamborghini Huracan AWD Dominates Drifting

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Drifting a Rear Wheel Drive Car is easy, turn the steering wheel and stomp the gas pedal. However, the opposite is true in 4WD and AWD cars. Cars like the Porsche 993 series 911 Turbo and the early Subaru WRX had permanent 4WD. Once the back wheels broke loose, the front tires were quickly destroyed as they are spinning against themselves. That is why the Lamborghini Huracan AWD dominates drifting.

Finding a spouse that shares your passions is worth the wait. Such is the case with Samuel & Stina Hubinette this race-winning couple love to destroy rubber, but the latest Lamborghini Huracan for sale won’t let them.

Realizing the car is drifting for fun, the center differential instantly disconnects the front wheels. Replacing two tires is cheaper than 4, and the car can pull you home on FWD if you burn the rears beyond comprehension.  


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