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Lamborghini Celebrates One Million YouTube Subscribers

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Being successful in the Supercar world means keeping in touch with your clientele. For every manufacturer that understands modern advertising, there are dozens who produce truly awful campaigns. A search for incompetent car commercials will lead you down a rabbit hole of confusion. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. A beacon of hope among lesser brands is Lamborghini’s video department. That is why we congratulate them on this achievement. Last night Lamborghini reached 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers.

Each time we gain another million Facebook fans, we come together and exchange ideas. The celebration is a time for rewarding hard work while looking to the future. We couldn’t be where we are without Ferrucio Lamborghini or Valentino Balboni.

Their inspiration is carried into the modern era with a lineup that includes the Sian V12 Hybrid and the wild Urus family rocketship. So, here’s to your next million fans, from all of us at the duPont REGISTRY.


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