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Lamborghini Breaks 2014 Sales Record, On Track for Urus

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With a total of 3,245 cars delivered in 2015, Lamborghini has broken it’s previous 2014 record by 895 units. This is the first time that sales records have surpassed 3,000 unites. In an attempt to keep up with the demand, Lamborghini hired 30 more employees in addition to the 150 the car maker hired last year. From specialists to assembly line workers, Lamborghini is putting people to work.

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Though the Huracan and Aventador make up a large portion of the sales numbers, Lamborghini is also selling out of its ultra-exclusive models as well. An unnamed model based on the Aventador and reportedly named the “Centenario” (not confirmed),in which 40 units are to be produced, has been completely sold out even though it hasn’t officially been unveiled. The “Centenario” has a reported price tag of $2.38 million, though such a hefty price doesn’t seem to be deterring customers.

According to Motor1, the increase in sales is right on track for release of the Urus— which Lamborghini promises will be the most powerful– and the fastest– SUV available.

Lamborghini Aventadors For Sale

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