Aventador Lamborghini

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Specs, Price, Photos & Details

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While we were sleeping, something incredible hit our inbox: the details of the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ were released. We already knew they achieved the fastest lap of the Nürburgring, and this is how they did it. Taking inspiration from the patented ALA system on the Huracan Performante, the latest Aventador has 4-corner active aerodynamics. Inlets behind the front spoiler can direct air to extractors ahead of the hood for maximum downforce.

They work in conjunction with ducts in the rear quarter panels and the rear spoiler to keep the car glued to the track. It only takes 500 milliseconds to turn the system off, and this forces air into vortex generators under the body. Much like the winglets on Southwest’s 737 fleet, they offer less drag and a higher top speed (Over 217 mph). The car offers 40% more downforce than the Aventador SV, with 1% less drag. The real treat is that 30% of that force can be shifted left or right for the ultimate in cornering abilities.

What is the Fastest Lamborghini?

Inspired by Lamborghinis Squadra Corse racing program, the engine cover is now accessed with quick-release pins. Under that cover lies a 770 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque. The intake and cylinder heads are all-new, with port-matched intake and exhaust systems. Titanium intake valves are lighter, allowing for a redline of 8,500 rpm. You will be at 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and 124 mph arrives in 8.6 seconds…It will go faster than 217 mph, so we wonder who will be first to achieve the true top speed.

Lamborghini says customers will start receiving their new Aventador SVJ’s at the start of 2019. It comes with a suggested retail price in the United States of $517,770.00 (GGT included).