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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Leaked Ahead of Reveal

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Instagram is home to car spotters around the world, and even if this is just a rendering, I want one. In an Instagram upload last night, we see a fully revealed Aventador SVJ. It looks like the active aerodynamics (ALA 2.0) are not only used on the rear, as extractor vents are now integrated into the nose.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Teased in Bright Green

Lamborghini added winglets ahead of the front fender and wider rocker panels keep the slipstream close to the body, and the trapezoid intake behind the engine rams air into the hollow rear spoiler. This is probably how they chopped 3 seconds off the Nurburgring lap time, using the same technology as the Huracan Performante. Tell us what you think, is this real or is it someone with too much time on your hands? We will cover the unveiling as soon as Lamborghini pulls back the sheets, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for all your Monterey updates.

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