Aventador Lamborghini

Lamborghini Aventador Police Car in Dubai

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We all know that Dubai is full of outrageous cars and expensive lifestyles. Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Ferraris crowd the streets, turning a heavy traffic into a million dollar parade.

With so many high-powered cars on the streets, what are the cops to do when one of these supercar drivers breaks the law? A normal police car will most certainly not be able to catch a Ferrari 458. But what if the police force had cars just as powerful?


That is why the Dubai Police have just taken delivery on their first Lamborghini Aventador police car. This V12 powered supercar, good for 690hp and a top speed of 216mph, will surely be able to keep up with any high-speed lawbreakers Dubai has to offer.

The Aventador is covered in a Dubai Police livery and roof-mounted lights so everyone knows that this police department means business when it comes to high-speed violations. However, if a perpetrator needs to be cuffed and thrown into a back seat, this two-seater may not be the best choice.


(Source: Dubai Police)