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Lamborghini Aventador “Dieci” by DMC Tuning

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After seeing consistent success with their Lamborghini Aventador LP700 kits, DMC Luxury has begun producing a special edition version of the kit that they’ve dubbed “Dieci.” Only, consumers can’t simply ask for it. The special edition tune-up will be applied to every tenth DMC LP700 kit they apply, the first of which was DMC’s 40th transformed Aventador.

The kit, named after the Italian word for the number ten, transforms the Aventador into a bull of a new breed. Features like Formula 1 carnards, a redesigned spoiler sword, a new front splitter lip and a unique front fascia create an emotional new look that brings the craftsmanship of the Aventador even further. No body mounts are modified with the addition of parts to the supercar, allowing for the vehicle to be transformed back to stock specifications at any time.

The rear fascia is replaced with a lighter carbon fiber diffuser that is designed to create a tunnel system for added aerodynamics. The improved spoiler blade enhances downforce and assists in supporting the rear axle. The functional OEM parts on the body are only half of what makes this Dieci kit so desirable; the other half is beneath the sheets of carbon fiber.


The performance of the tuned Aventador becomes enhanced in a unique way that improves ability and power all across the chart. 12 individual throttle bodies, one per cylinder, replace the intake throttle plates, and the fuel lines and pumps are also replaced. New and improved electronics throughout the engines system are swapped for a new system, which controls the electronic load pressure.

All of this is topped off with new fuel injector nozzles and pressure modulators, amounting to an extra 200 hp, meaning 900 hp total and a new tag; it becomes the LP900 instead of the LP700. Weight is reduced even further by a new exhaust system built from the same high-tech titanium found on space shuttles. At a baffling 3.45 kg, this new exhaust weighs a fraction of the 34 kg stock exhaust.

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You may be the lucky customer to get your Dieci kit by ordering your LP700 kit from any of the global dealers. However, it is suggested the engine upgrade be performed at the company’s headquarters in Germany. While not all customers will have the chance to get this exclusive package for their Aventador, the lucky few will get an emotional display of aggressive art and performance. Check DMC Luxury’s website or follow up with the duPont REGISTRY to be next in line for the Dieci.