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Lamborghini Ad Personam Builds Purple Aventador SV Roadster

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Viola Parsifae is a wild purple metallic that was devised by Lamborghini a few years ago. Only a few examples have been built because it isn’t a regular option. Special requests are handled by the Ad Personam department. Their artists view the Huracan and the Aventador as a blank canvas, with almost limitless combinations of color and materials.Their most recent creations have been the Miura Homage editions of both cars, each in a classic 2-tone motif.

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Ad Personam Studio Opens For Business

Many parts that are normally painted can be substituted for Forged Composites, which is a great way to customize the build. Officially, the color palette has 34 choices, each one with a Latin or Italian name. You won’t find purple on any of the literature. If you would like a purple car, you need to know certain people…People like us. A few hours ago a new Aventador SV Roadster arrived at Lamborghini Palm Beach. Someone ordered it that way, so it is probably spoken for. But they would be happy to let you know more about it. No requests are ignored, so I contacted Ad Personam about a factory LS Swap and I will let you know when I hear back. If you are interested in this car, please call  (561) 370-7953 click here.