Jay Leno's Garage Lamborghini Miura Videos

Hear the Loud Lamborghini 350 GT V12 Engine on Jay Leno’s Garage

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It doesn’t take common core math to understand the implications of Leno + Lambo. Lamborghinis look amazing, even if they need to be restored. What you don’t normally see is their masterpiece engines up close & personal. That’s why we were excited to hear the loud Lamborghini 350 GT V12 engine on Jay Leno’s Garage.

You might not know that Lamborghini has also been involved in powerboat racing for decades. Alongside the 3.5L V12, Jay invited the owner of an 8.0L marine engine to show off the similarities and differences of each engine. Before Valentino Balboni joined the team, Bob Wallace put each engine through its paces. Every engine was broken in for 12 hours on a dyno before it was installed.

It was mounted behind the cockpit in the Miura, in an east-west layout. This allowed the car to be shorter and have great handling. Because the Countach mounted the transmission under the center console, the driveshaft passed through the oil pan to reach the differential. It took innovations like this to change the world.

Dual distributors and six carburetors look imposing to novice mechanics, but they have been proven to be one of the most reliable 12 cylinder engines of all time. Turn up your speakers and listen to these raging bulls in action. Click the link below to find a Lamborghini for yourself and stay with us for more great footage from Jay Leno’s Garage.