2015 Buyers Guide Huracan Lamborghini

Lamborghini Huracán: 2015 Best Exotic Car

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I must admit that the prospect of driving Lamborghini’s latest offering gave me mixed emotions. Obviously I knew this extraordinary vehicle would be pretty handy in a performance setting, but what would it be like on everyday open roads?

Once I got over the “Wow, I’m driving a quarter of a million dollar Lamborghini” sensation, I was able to settle into what the Huracán is all about. It was a controlled, extraordinarily fast and precise driving experience in every situation.


It all starts in the right way when you climb into this outrageous looking car. I have never flown a jet, but I imagine this is what the automotive equivalent should look and feel like. Nothing gets the blood flowing more than feeling like you’re heading into combat when starting your car.

I am a huge fan of steering wheels that not only look and feel good, but that also offer a tactile connection with the car that makes you and it feel as one. The moment you pull off, you realize this car is anticipating everything you are about to throw at it.

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The V10 spins up at what seems an impossible rate, and before you know it, you’re bouncing off the rev limiter at more than 8,250 rpm. With each gear change, your speed over the ground threatens to hit naughty numbers. In the Huracán, I felt the Lamborghini seven-speed dual clutch gearbox was as good as any: lightning quick both up and down, even when relying on the shift logic automatic.


Now, seeing as this was all taking place on flowing canyon roads, I should point out I was in the Strada (road-going) of the three ‘ANIMA’ settings. The combination of more moderate shifts and friendly traction control intervention made pushing on at a swift pace sustainable for as long as there was gas in the tank. It certainly made me smile all the time. As I mashed the gas, the magnificent engine noise reverberating off the canyon walls felt like I was doubling the enjoyment. I got into a crazy fast rhythm, and the Huracán was in its all-wheel-drive element.


And then I took it on the track. In Corsa mode. And the world spun a little bit faster.

Whereas other cars seem only modestly different when switching from one performance mode to another, with the Huracán you feel a significant personality shift when going from Strada to Corsa. But you had better be ready to handle it. The car is stiffer, the traction control disappears and the noise is louder every time you touch the gas, which is also quicker to respond. For me the Huracán was outrageous when unleashed. I could push it to the absolute limits and it would hold its line through the corners, as long as I respected the AWD and gave up a little on corner entry to get back on power early for a fast exit.

Amazing in every way. Sexy and supernaturally fast, it makes you feel the same way about yourself.

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