How to Wrap a Lamborghini Murcielago

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Have you ever wanted to see what it takes to wrap a car? What if that car is a Lamborghini Murcielago? Here are some pictures that Boulevard Customs took to document their latest project: a Murcielago wrapped in matte black. The wrap was done for famous author, Karen Marie Moning. Check out the pictures below.

IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7251 IMG_7253 IMG_7254 IMG_7255 IMG_7262 IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7267 IMG_7269 IMG_7270 IMG_7277 IMG_7278 IMG_7279 IMG_7280 IMG_7281 IMG_7282 IMG_7283 IMG_7285 IMG_7286 IMG_7287 IMG_7289 IMG_7297 IMG_7299 IMG_7301 IMG_7307 IMG_7311 IMG_7317 IMG_7320 IMG_7323 IMG_7329 IMG_7331