How Tailor-Made Lamborghinis Are Made Through Ad Personam

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For hundreds and hundreds of people around the world, the name “Lamborghini” incites a sense of excitement and hope that few other brands can successfully inspire. More than one person has dreamed of the day they can sit behind the wheel of one of Italy’s finest bulls, and for many of those enthusiasts and aspirational fans, the dream was enough to push them to success.

For the lucky few, those dreams are realized when they finally accept delivery of their first Lamborghini.


“But,” explains Vittorio Gabba, Manager of the marque’s Ad Personam program, “when you buy a dream, you want something more.”

In the YouTube video above, uploaded by Lamborghini April 10, Gabba explains how the program exists to take an owner’s personal taste and style and imbue it into a truly unique vehicle.

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In a Feb. 25 press release, the marque announced the extension of the Ad Personam program to the Huracan model range, expanding options for colors, fabrics, finishes and more in their latest model. Buyers can select their options during a visit to the Ad Personam Studeo, a recently created location at the Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, headquarters.

If a trip to Sant’Agata to pick out your own custom Lamborghini isn’t quite able to fit into your schedule, you can still find the perfect model for your collection from our exclusive listings at the button below.


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(Source: YouTube, Lamborghini)

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