Lamborghini Miura

Historic Lamborghini Miura S Barn Find in New York

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Finding a car in a barn is not impossible. In fact, there are probably plenty of barns within a 100 mile radius of you that have some form of a car in it. But, to find a car as historic as the Lamborghini Miura S really is a miraculous event, and one that just happened to John Temerian, President of Lou La Vie.

Temerian is both president of the company and an avid automobile collector. In fact, we covered a 1972 Jaguar E-Type Roadster that he added to his collection back on Aug. 25. Now, we get to talk about his miraculous Miura S barn find.

lamborghini-miura-barn-find (1)

The Miura model has been in his family since they purchased an SV back in 1972, which they still own, with his father having owned close to 10 examples of the car. In an email discussion with Temerian, he told us that he even has Miura serial numbers memorized by heart. This is why he jumped on the opportunity when he found an online advertisement for an old Lamborghini in a barn with the serial number #3802. After realizing what it was, and knowing how rare it was, he signed a bill of sale and sent a deposit without even seeing it.

lamborghini-miura-barn-find (3)

Immediately, he flew up to New York City and drove one hour out of the city, towards the barn. After venturing through corn fields and past abandoned mills, he arrived. Inside the dirt covered white barn was the Miura S, parked with its original paint and era-correct Pirelli CN12 tires. It had accrued quite a bit of dirt over 20-30 years – it had been with its second owner since 1971 – but Temerian knew that underneath was what he had been hoping for.

lamborghini-miura-barn-find (4)

After even more research, Temerian learned that this Miura S may be the first or second one ever made.

To see this historic car, the result of a once-in-a-lifetime barn find, for yourself, stop by the “CURATED” Art Basel Miami Beach event, by Pininfarina.