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Lamborghini Gallardo Oil Change: 5 Year Old Edition

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Almost every new exotic car includes some length of service included because they aren’t exactly easy to work on. Or at least that’s what they want you to believe. But excluding hybrids, most modern cars can be as easy as older ones. In the case of the Lamborghini Gallardo, changing the oil is easier than a Toyota Tundra, but I will save that story for another day. The best way to get kids involved with cars is to show them what it takes to keep them in perfect shape.

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The Gallardo was a long model run for Lamborghini. It was the first offspring designed after they were purchased by Audi, so it is a great combination of Italian style and German engineering. Mechanic Marcus is at a slight disadvantage in the height department, but he isn’t scared to turn a wrench. The oil filter is centrally located above the engine valley, which usually makes for easy access. The factory service procedure calls for removing both intakes and throttle bodies, so one anonymous gearhead made a tool to skip this step. After unplugging a vacuum line, the filter can is pulled out between the intakes. Draining the oil is very straightforward. Both 8mm drain plugs are easy to reach, and you will have time for a break since the system holds 10 quarts. Cartridge filters are sealed by o-rings, so don’t skip out on replacing them. Even if you don’t have a drive-on lift and a toolbox the size of a battleship some routine jobs can be done at home. Don’t be afraid of service costs, the filter and wrench can be found on Amazon direct from Lamborghini. If you want to save money and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself, check out these pre-owned Lamborghini Gallardo for sale and stay with us for more DIY videos.

P.S. Ratchet wrenches are just as fun as fidget spinners