Fast & The Furious 6 featuring Oakley Design Lamborghini

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Fast 6

During 2012, while the London Olympics were underway, Director Justin Lin and the rest of the Fast and Furious production team were at Kings Cross, London secretly filming the new film Fast and Furious 6.

During these few weeks, many different types of vehicles were driven to a secure site enclosed inside discreet un-sign written trailers.

Out of many cars that were viewed by Director Justin Lin, two key supercars were selected that were of the right calibre. These cars belonged to the same owner and a client of Oakley Design.

The cars were a yellow Ferrari 458 Spider with an Oakley Design carbon interior and an orange Lamborghini Aventador, this was a complete Oakley Design LP760-2 which Justin especially liked because of the carbon fibre rear wing and the car’s pure aggressive presence.

Both cars were subsequently filmed and featured in the scenes at the garage belonging to Owen Shaw an internationally wanted criminal.

The same Lamborghini LP760-2 has been featured in many magazines like, Auto Italia, European car and Option Auto.