duPont REGISTRY Lists Team Salamone’s Aventador

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One of the first Lamborghini Aventadors to be delivered to the Tri-State Area was an Arancio Argos LP 700. Well known divorce attorney Bryan Salamone received delivery on Nov. 11, 2011 after covering the sticker price of $418,000.00. Since then, this Aventador has arguably become the most famous Lamborghini in the world.

The car immediately obtained notoriety because it was one of the first. However, the initial buzz was nothing compared to what would occur in the upcoming months. In preparation for the Gumball 3000 Rally, Team Salamone decided to do something that had never been done. They chrome plated the car with 153 separate chrome vinyl pieces that were hand applied on top of paint protection film. A layer of self correcting clear film was also laid on top of the chrome.

And now, this world famous Aventador is for sale on The car was listed by Interstate Motorsport, located in Pennington, N.J.. Only 22,000 miles are listed on this one owner car, even though it has traveled the world over. Click the button below for your chance to own one of the most famous Aventadors in the world.


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TeamSalamone was formed in 2008 for charitable purposes. The idea behind TeamSalamone was that its members would exude a zest for life and a level of showmanship that would bring a following which would allow charitable causes to be pursued.