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DMC Aventador LP900 SV

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DMC LP900-4 (1 of 10) Spezial Version
DMC LP900 (1 of 10) Spezial Version

DMC unveiled their first Lamborghini Aventador kit, the Molto Veloce, early last year. After one kit, many assumed that the German Luxury Tuner was done creating kits for the LP700-4. To everyone’s surprise, late last year DMC unveiled STAGE 2: The DMC LP900 SV. This is an all-new limited edition kit that will only have 10 examples made.

In order to obtain this kit, there are a couple of prerequisites that must first be met. First, you must already own DMC’s regular Molto Veloce Kit. Second, you must apply for the kit itself. Each application is carefully scrutinized by DMC, and they will only approve the applicant if the location, car, color, and driver match DMC’s “10 of 10” criteria. Each of the kits will only be available in one shade or body finish, making every DMC LP900 SV different in appearance.

But, what exactly do you get with this exclusive kit?

DMC has developed a brand new front and rear bumper, both made completely out of 100% carbon fiber for the Lamborghini. The front bumper received the most significant change with a wider, sharper nose and two “J” style poles. Also, two Formula1 Canards are mounted on both sides of the front bumper in order to break the airflow for driving perfection.


The side skirts feature DMC’s diffuser panels, which were first used on the Molto Veloce Kit, as well as the rear wing and base. The rear bumper includes the lower ‘tunnel’ system, which can be seen on the Molto Veloce’s rear diffuser. Apart from the Molto Veloce, the LP900 SV’s tunnel system shows a center opening, under the custom titanium exhaust, which has not been seen before.


[quote align=”right” color=”#000000″]”P.S. But there is one more thing, STAGE 1, STAGE 2, ………… Stay tuned.” – DMC[/quote]

Why this car is called an LP900? Simply put: this bull lays down 900hp on all fours. DMC has decided to use 12 unique single intake throttle plates, with one for each individual cylinder, instead of the traditional overhead throttle valves per cylinder bank. Gasoline pumps and lines, pressure modulators and injection nozzles are all replaces by DMC’s own new components. The engine electronics have also been optimized, and also feature an electronic load pressure control system, as well as new wiring.

If you happen to be one of the lucky 10 chosen for the LP900 SV, you will need to set aside $16,000 for the front bumper and $16,000 for the rear bumper.

If you think this is the last stage for the Aventador from DMC, you may be very wrong. They included this little teaser at the bottom of the kit description: “P.S. But there is one more thing, STAGE 1, STAGE 2, ………… Stay tuned.” I guess we will just have to wait and see what DMC has up their sleeves!