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How To Destroy Tires In A Lamborghini Gallardo

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What happens when you’re given a Lamborghini Gallardo, cameras and a free set of tires? You destroy the old ones.

This article kind of hurts to write, considering I just had to buy a new set of tires yesterday. Nonetheless, who wouldn’t do this if they were given the chance? Think of it: you get a car as powerful as the Gallardo and the ability to thrash it around without having to worry about the health of the tires. Yeah, we would all whip it around as hard as we could.

Below is a video from SupercarInsanity, Alex Tillman and Jameson Apodaca. In it we see a driver on a closed course absolutely obliterating the tires on the Gallardo. What do you guys think? Could you do better? Would you do this? Let us know in the comments below.

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