Craziest Lamborghinis of Japan

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The bōsōzoku subculture of Japan has been around for decades, and started with gangs heavily customizing motorcycles and creating their own style. Over the years, this motorcycle subculture has expanded into the car world, while the actual presence of these gangs has since decreased.

If you expected us to show you entry-level bōsōzoku-style cars, think again. YouTuber Marchettino was recently in Japan and decided he would venture through underground car parks, in hopes of finding the well-known Lamborghinis of the bōsōzoku subculture. And, boy, did he ever find them.

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In a video uploaded yesterday, Sept. 13, Marchettino shows off four Lamborghinis that have been heavily modified. He states in the video’s description that these are the “CRAZIEST, as well as the most insane Lambo’s [sic]” he has ever seen in his life.

To see the cars for yourself, be sure to check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

(Source: YouTube)

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