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Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary- Going Out On Top

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Derek Jeter, Jerome Bettis and the Lamborghini Countach- Three timeless athletes that went out on top. If you are wondering how we made the comparison, think about the 80’s. It was a dark time for performance because technology couldn’t keep up with clean air laws. But Lamborghini rose to the challenge and transformed their Lambo Countach from a great looking car into a timeless supercar.  In the latest YouTube upload from /Drive, the founder of England’s Italia Autosport tells the story of its evolution. John Pogson knows a thing or two about Italians, look at the cars in the background.

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In a very long production run, the original Countach LP400 was released in 1974. It was and is an imposing design that blends curves with sharp angles. Marcello Gandini was also responsible for the Miura, another stunning Bertone body. The last real Lamborghini with a functional rear view mirror, the mid-mounted V12 used side-mounted carburetors for a low deck lid. But a young engineer named Horacio Pagani was beginning to shake things up. From starting out sweeping the floor, his insights led him to become the company’s Chief Engineer, and his quest for performance was unprecedented. As Countach evolved, the QV (four valves) mounted the carburetors on top, effectively killing any rear visibility.

Photos by Grubbs Photography

Flared fenders, ground effects, a giant rear spoiler are just a few of the styling touched that culminated in the 25th Anniversary Countach. Lamborghini was purchased by Chrysler in 1987, and winds of change could be felt throughout the workplace. Mr. Pagani decided to give it a fitting farewell, knowing he had bigger plans in the works. Only 658 examples were built, and they were the fastest examples to date. He redesigned and smoothed most of the intakes along with front and rear bumpers. It set the tone for successive models and is considered a high water mark for classic Lamborghinis. Turn up the volume and listen to a story of a supercar. And if it piques your curiosity, we have quite a few pre-owned Lamborghinis to choose from.