Centenario Lamborghini Videos

Lamborghini Centenario On The Road For The First Time

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Pushing the limits of engine design, Lamborghini has unlocked 770 metric horsepower from their V12. To celebrate the 100th birthday of the company’s founder, this newfound power is only available in the CENTENARIO LP 770-4. Like previous special editions, production will be limited to 20 coupes and 20 roadsters. That is why we jumped when this video was uploaded by theStradman last night.

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Camping out in front of the factory is a great way to catch the latest production cars, and the wild body of LP 770 is unmistakable. In sharp contrast to the Aventador, the hood has twin recesses for an aerodynamic advantage. But this might pose a challenge to roadster owners looking to bring the top panels with them, as they take up every inch of underhood space when stored. Engine torque has also been raised to 507 lb-ft, aiming at a certain V12 powered coupe in Maranello. But Lamborghini’s latest AWD system is still their ace in the hole.

Other improvements over the Aventador are the welcomed magnetic shocks. Ohlins supplies the brutal dampers for the pushrod suspension on the previous model, but they are unforgiving to say the least. Along with a bookmatched carbon fiber exterior, this wild collector’s item follows in the footsteps of the Reventon and Veneno to show the world what Lamborghini is capable of.

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