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30 Aventadors at Lamborghini Newport Beach

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It’s always impressive when you see a supercar in the wild, tearing down the streets that you drive every day. It’s even more impressive when you see more than one traveling together, and mind boggling to see more than five in one city, let alone on the same street.

Imagine how blown away bystanders must have been the other day outside of Lamborghini Newport Beach, when not one, or two, or five, but 30 different Aventadors pulled out of their parking lot, one after the other, after the other, after the other.

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Every color and trim imaginable shows up in the video of this $15 million parade, uploaded to YouTube Nov. 23, and the sound of their engines revving back to back is an exhilarating, almost-four-minute-long soundtrack.

So be sure to turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy the show that unfolded before the start of the 2014 LP-700 VIP event on Nov. 22.

(Source: Lamborghini Newport Beach / YouTube)

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