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What It’s Like to Take Delivery of a Lamborghini Aventador SV & Review

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Everyone dreams of the day when they can pull up to an exotic car dealership in one car and drive away in a new one. But what is it like when that day actually happens?

Apparently, even if you own Australia’s leading Ferrari parts supplier, it’s still overwhelmingly exciting.

Supercar Advocates, the YouTube channel behind Ferrari Advocates, shared a video Nov. 10 of their Sales Manager, Lee, accepting delivery of his new Lamborghini Aventador SV. It starts with a sales rep from Lamborghini Sydney talking him through the finer points of the car’s interior controls, then shows a bit of the logistics behind buying such an insane beast.

And then, the best part: Lee drives away in his new car.

“This is really special, guys,” he says as he’s taking it for his first drive as owner. “The acceleration, the sound, the performance, the speed, you know…. mind boggling. Mind boggling.”

Check out what it’s like to drive off in a new Lamborghini in the video below, then find your own Aventador SV to experience the joy for yourself.

Aventador SVs For Sale

(via YouTube)

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