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Ad Personam Lamborghini d’Avenza Project

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For fans of a finely tailored life, Lamborghini has announced yet another way that you can carry bespoke luxury from the marque with you throughout the day.

In a collaboration with renowned Italian tailor d’Avenza, Collezione Lamborghini Automobili have launched Ad Personam Lamborghini d’Avenza Project. Detailed in a March 17 press release from Lamborghini, this project will provide Lamborghini customers with a chance to have a tailormade car and suit, no matter their location in the world, “thanks to the expertise of a tailor tha twill reach every place int he world to take the individual measures for the suit.”

 lamborghini-customsuit-031815-03 lamborghini-customsuit-031815-02

The Ad Personam customization program from Lamborghini puts control in the customer’s hands through the selection of final paints, passenger compartment color combinations, leathers, Alcantara colors and a myriad of other details, resulting in a car that reflects the person behind the wheel. So, of course it only makes sense to ensure that the driver’s appearance outside of the car reflects their personality just as well.

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d’Avenza may just be one of the world’s finest options for bespoke tailoring services, with a storied history dating to a single tailor in 1896. As their website describes in Italian, it began with the idea of bringing the haute couture quality of Italian men’s fashion to a worldwide audience. Through this collaboration, tailors will be flying to every corner of the world, reaching far beyond their usual European and American clientele.


With growth of the luxury car industry happening at exponential levels around the world, nowhere can quite come close to the growth seen in Southeastern Asian and Middle Eastern markets. As customers in those market order through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program, they will undoubtedly be acquiring their bespoke suit as well.

For those who aren’t quite interested in a completely bespoke experience, there are three ready-to-wear designs from the collaboration that are available for purchase.

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(Source: Lamborghini, d’Avenza)

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