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How to Remove Koenisgsegg CCR and Porsche 918 Spyder Roofs

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Most convertibles can drop their top with the touch of a button, but sometimes it take a little more effort than that. For cars with targa-like top, removing the roof panels typically involves getting out of the car, unlocking the panels, removing them and placing them in the boot.

Two perfect examples of what it takes to manually remove panels can be found in the video below, uploaded by Exotic Car Spotting. In the video, we see the steps required to turn the Koenigsegg CCR and Porsche 918 Spyder into topless hypercars.

Which car made it quicker to take its top off? The Koenigsegg or Porsche? Check out the video below to find out and let us know if you’d rather have removable roof panels or a button-activated convertible top in the comments below.

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