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Koenigsegg Owners Tour 2017

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If you weren’t in Sweden last weekend, you missed out on 2017 Koenigsegg’s Owners Tour. This yearly event is a way for Christian von Koenigsegg and his employees to thank their loyal customers.

Nineteen cars from around the world came together for three days of carbon fiber fun. The largest gathering to date, the attendees arrived with 4 CCR’s, 6 CCX’s, 2 CCXR’s, 1 Agera, 2 Agera R’s, 3 Agera RS’s and a One:1 on the tour.

Mr. von Koenigsegg was happy to see his creations again, saying: “This is amazing, and a little bit humbling, to be honest. We have a wonderful cross-section of Koenigsegg history here, nearly every generation of car we’ve ever made is represented. And the people just love them. It’s a great reminder of the progress that we’ve made, the friends we’ve made – our customers become friends as we go through the building process and it’s wonderful to see those relationships grow – and also the people who have helped to get us here.”

Koenigsegg only builds a handful of cars each year because their focus is on quality and pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. From dihedral doors to a solid-state electrical system, no detail is overlooked. It would cost millions for the big automakers to compete with such innovations, which is how Koenigsegg have carved out a sizable niche in the supercar market. Their latest model (Regera) has made the transmission obsolete. It will take several decades for normal cars to have such advancements, so for now take a look at Koenigsegg for sale and stay with us for all your exotic car news.