Koenigsegg One:1 Development Car is for Sale…for $6 Million

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Only six Koenigsegg One:1 production cars were ever created, not counting the development car #00 (chassis number #7106). This development car was the example the Swedish automaker used to debut the model at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 and has been used to test many technologies.

And now, you can own this car, thanks to SuperVettura.

Located in Sunningdale, just outside of London, England, this dealership is offering the hypercar up for $6 million USD net. Sure, that’s a lot of money, but you’ll be getting a 1,420 bhp car that is not only the fastest accelerating production car from 0-186 mph, but also the quickest from 0-186-0 mph. Not enough? It’s also the quickest production car around the Spa Fancorchamps and Suzuka circuits.

That’s a hardy pedigree.

SuperVettura says in the description that the car “will be delivered with a extensive factory refresh and will be ready for delivery in January 2016.” They also note that it’s possibly to have the car delivered to the United States through under the Show and Display regulations.


(Source: SuperVettura)