Koenigsegg CCXR Revs and Burns Out on Crowded Road

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The CCXR was penned as “the world’s first green supercar” by Koenigsegg when they first created it. The Swedish manufacturer modified the supercar’s twin-turbo 4.7-liter engine to run on recyclable ethanol (E85 and E100), as well as gasoline. When the car is running on E85 biofuel, it pumps out 1,019 bhp, while it “only” produces 806 bhp when running on gasoline.

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At the 2015 ModBall rally in London, YouTube channel AdamC3046 caught a CCXR showing off its immense power on the streets. The supercar revs its powerful engine for the crowd and even pulls off a risky burnout.

Check out the video, uploaded on June 30, below to hear and see the CCXR’s power.

(Source: YouTube)

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