How Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Wheels are Made (Video)

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The wheel making process is incredibly intricate as it is, but that didn’t stop Koenigsegg from pushing the boundaries of wheel design even further. To do this, Koenigsegg decided to craft their wheels from carbon fiber, making them the only company to create such wheels for production cars.

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Carbon fiber itself is a complicated material, but a wheel made of carbon fiber is even more complicated. And, to satisfy your craving to see how things are made, /DRIVE posted a video to YouTube April 22, filmed at the Koenigsegg headquarters in Sweden, that shows how these wheels are made.

The video goes through the entire carbon fiber wheel making process, with Christian Von Koenigsegg detailing each step. Check out the video above to learn what it takes to create these cutting-edge wheels.


(Source: /DRIVE / YouTube)


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