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First Look: Christian von Koenigsegg and His New Regera

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Since temperatures will be close to freezing here in Florida tonight,  it’s probably a little chilly in Sweden as well. Cold air has more oxygen, which is why your car feels a little happier when cool weather arrives. But twin turbochargers coupled with the cold force that air into a 5.0-liter Koenigsegg Hybrid V8, producing and exhilerating 1500 hp and 1475 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to a YouTube video by Shmee150, we have an opportunity to watch as Mr. Koenigsegg himself explains the finer details of his new Regera.

Regera translates to “To Reign”, implying that the Swedish automobile sits alone as the king of in hypercars/megacars. With a plug-in electric system, the Regera is quick even before the of awakening the V8. A hydraulic system provides the capability to open the hood, doors and deck lid on command, in case you were looking for a new Autobot. Last week we received a short teaser when Christian chose one of their editors to film a late-night lap around their test track.

No detail was overlooked as even the Daytime Running Lights are arranged to form a constellation once used by Vikings for nighttime navigation. Those ancient Swedes ruled the known world, and following suit, Regera now reigns supreme in ours. Only a few hundred Regeras will be built, but as soon as one is for sale, you know where to find it.