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How to Crash Test a $2 Million Hypercar

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Whenever a very expensive car is announced, I always get asked about how these automakers crash test the cars. Do they build million dollar cars just to crash? For Koenigsegg, it’s as simple as building one car and rebuilding it after every test.

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In a video by /DRIVE, Christian von Koenigsegg details how they crash test their upcoming Regera hypercar. Instead of building multiple cars to test, they’ve stuck with just one example to test in order to cut costs. They did this by creating a specific car for “abuse testing.” von Koenigsegg notes in the video that while bigger companies have multiple examples, they just have one car that was designed so the monocoque won’t be damaged. Instead, all they need to replace after testing are the body panels and other less critical parts.

He also gives /DRIVE an in-depth look into the first customer car of the Regera. One neat feature he pointed out was the “electrical exhaust,” which is used for the electric coolers. He notes that you won’t be seeing any smoke coming from it, but during the colder seasons you may see some “hot smoking air” coming from it.

Be sure to click play below to get some behind-the-scenes looks at the new Koenigsegg Regera.

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