Koenigsegg Regera

Bordeaux Koenigsegg Regera is a Tall Glass of Wine

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Koenigsegg has started a new series of Facebook posts that shows how their employees would customize their own Regera hypercar. The second Regera in this series was created by Johan B., Koenigsegg’s Sales Director for Continental Europe and Nordic countries.

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For Johan’s Regera, he chose for the exterior to don a Bordeaux-tinted carbon fiber finish. This deep red carbon fiber exterior is separated by a naked carbon fiber stripe running down the center, as well as gold leaf striping. The Facebook post for this car notes: “Johan has French roots and the deep red finish will be like driving around in a glass of fine French red wine (with no blood-alcohol content, of course!!).”

Inside, this Regera has a creamy interior made of a cappuccino/coffee color combination. So, on the outside you have a deep exterior that resembles a glass of wine, while the interior resembles a cup of coffee. Are you thirsty yet?

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