The BHP Project’s Koenigsegg One:1 Build Process: Part 2

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The BHP Project sent us details about their new car, a Koenigsegg One:1, back on Aug. 20. The car is being supplied to them (partners involved in BHP) through Tommy Wareham from Super Vettura and will be the only UK car & the only One:1 in RHD configuration.

Now, we have received the next batch of images and information about the hypercar’s build process. All of the carbon fiber body panels and monocoque have been created, and Koenigsegg is now performing a pre-fit and preparing the car for paint. Koenigsegg has spent more than 600 hours building the monocoque, using a combination of carbon fiber materials and an aluminum honeycomb core. Check out the images below to see the pieces themselves.

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If you thought the hours put into the panels and monocoque were lengthy, you’ll be amazed to know Koenisegg allocated around 1,000 hours for the paint process, according to the email from The BHP Project. They will wet sand and polish between the six layers of clear coat, resulting in a brilliant finish.

The BHP Project has decided on a color, but have yet to release it. Any ideas about which could be the color they picked? Leave them in the comments below.










(Source: The BHP Project)


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