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Jeep Trackhawk Smashes SUV Ice Racing Speed Record

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It might be spring in some areas, but its chilly in northern Russia. That’s why the Russian Auto Federation (RAF) travels to Lake Baikal for “Speed Days”. It is the exact opposite of Bonneville Speed Week, except that an American won this year’s event. In their latest press release, FCA says the Jeep Trackhawk has smashed the SUV Ice Racing Speed Record.

Lake Baikal is over 5,000 feet deep, and it holds 23% of the earth’s freshwater. Being located so far north, it freezes solid from January to May, giving Russians a 12,248 sq mile playground. To see if the latest Jeep was capable of Winter adventures, the FIA was invited by the RAF for a top speed test.

A 710 horsepower Hellcat HEMI under the hood allowed the Jeep to reach 174 mph. Verified by several GPS sensors, it held 160 mph for over a kilometer. Sunlight causes a thin film of water to form on the ice, but the big Brembos invoked the ABS module to put a stop to the action. The Selec-Trac AWD system has a mode for icy conditions, and it kept the beast pointed straight along the 7.5 mile course. Click the link below to find a Trackhawk near you and stay with us for all your Jeep news.