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Jay Leno Drives the Fab Fours Legend

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At SEMA 2014, there was one particular Jeep Wrangler that took the crowd by storm. It was large, had windows tinted to a red hue and was wrapped in brushed steel. The Fab Fours Legend fit all the criteria for a head-turner of an automobile.

Jay Leno, comedian and notable automotive collector, recently had this extreme Jeep on his show “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Joining the Legend was the CEO of Fab Fours Inc., Greg Higgs, who went over the vehicle in its entirety. He explained that the 50-inch wheels, red-tinted windows, high wheel arches and every other modification were made to create a visual appearance that would turn heads while also increasing the Jeep’s capabilities. The red tint on the windows doesn’t necessarily make it any more powerful, but at least it allows passengers to skip the sunglasses when driving.


What’s most interesting about the Fab Fours Legend is that, under the hood, it’s a bone-stock Jeep. While some may scoff at the idea of such an extreme looking SUV not having amplified power, this decision by the creator allows the Legend to have the same reliability as any other Jeep.

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Be sure to watch the video above to learn all about the Legend and see how it handles off of the road.

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