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Jay Leno Drives the Koenigsegg One:1

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Jay Leno has traveled to the Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds in South Carolina to meet both the Koenigsegg One:1 and Christian von Koenigsegg. In the facility’s garage, Leno and Koenigsegg went over the finer details on the United State’s only One:1. From the mechanics of the door to the engine itself, the megacar’s creator talked about the car the same way a father would talk about their child.

After the walkaround, Leno and Koenigsegg headed out in the car to see what it’s made of. “It is like a go-kart isn’t it,” Leno said about the handling of the car. Eventually, the show host let the creator get behind the wheel so he could see what the car is really made of. If Leno’s facial expression were any indication of how the drive was going, I’d say he had great time.

Check the car out in the video below and see our inventory of Koenigseggs by clicking the button below.

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