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Jay Leno Drives the BAC Mono

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Jay Leno took a close look at the BAC Mono in a recent episode of Leno’s Garage, uploaded to YouTube March 8. This road-going, street legal vehicle based on a Formula-1 car may not be the car to take a date out in seeing as it’s a one-seater, but it’s definitely a fun one to take out on the roads.


Leno interviewed the British company’s Sector 111 President, Shinoo Mapleton, about the construction, performance and thought behind the car’s development. Created by Neil and Ian Briggs in Liverpool England, the Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Mono serves to take the performance of a Formula-1 car and make it accessible and usable both on and off the track.

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The new one seat supercar features an inline four-cylinder Cosworth Engine that pumps out 280 hp. While that may not sound like much go-juice, the 1,500 pound curb weight and extensive use of carbon fiber allows the featherweight Mono to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Yes, it’s fast, topping out at 170 mph.

See the interview and test drive below, and check out our listings for your next high-performance thrill ride.

(Source: YouTube)

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