Jaguar SUV Coming in 2015

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The fact that Jaguar has not created an SUV is somewhat baffling, but that is all about to changed. A inside source has revealed to AutoExpress that an SUV is in the advanced design stages and should be on sale by 2015.

[quote align=”left” color=”#000000″]”…this SUV could create some waves in the automotive world.”[/quote]

AutoExpress was also given these exclusive renderings of a Jaguar SUV. In my eyes, I see an incredibly worth vehicle that would be a great addition to the Jaguar line-up. While most renderings and concept vehicles seem to go over the edge and look almost impossible, this SUV looks attractive and practical by today’s standards.

It has a smooth line that starts from the sloping bonnet and continues to a rear which features a sporty spoiler and a dual exhaust setup. The headlights look similar to that of an F-Type, and each are separated by a large mesh grille that screams “Jaguar”. In the rear are two slim taillights that also resemble that F-Type’s, but without the signature rounded protrusion.

I sincerely hope that this is what Jaguar is planning. They have been needing to spice up their company for some time, and with the F-Type, this SUV could create some waves in the automotive world. And maybe, if they could be so kind, Jaguar would actually create the C-X75.