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Jaguar Smashes Electric Speedboat World Record

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Usually, water and electricity don’t mix. That is why the speed record for electric boats has stayed at 76.8 mph for a long time. So Jaguar decided to show off their dedication to Formula E racing by installing the battery from their race car. The powertrain is a collaboration between Jaguar Vector Racing and Williams Advanced Engineering.

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Turning to a veteran of speedboat racing, Peter Dredge is the pilot and Technical Director of the project. This sleek outboard powerboat might look calm at an idle, but we don’t recommend tossing a Jaguar into a lake and not expect some intense protest by the big cat. The team decided to go for the record at Coniston Water in Cumbria. This lake is 5 miles long and mostly surrounded by hills. It makes for a perfect spot for a record-breaking attempt. After a few shakedowns, Peter was clocked at a 2-way average speed of 88.6 mph. The future of electric boating looks bright, so stay with us for all your Jaguar updates.

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