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Evolution E-Types: Rebirth of a Legend

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If you have the means to purchase a classic Jaguar E-Type, you must accept its quirks. The design is timeless, but the components and engineering were somewhat dated when they launched in 1961. The Evolution E-Type looks to bring the classic into the modern era.

This allowed Uryk Dmyterko to make a name for himself. Known across the globe as the E-Type expert, his business grew from basic restorations into manufacturing the parts needed for a frame-off rebuild.

The original Jaguar subframe & monocoque is flimsy by modern standards. So they started over with high strength steel. Every weld is gusseted before the entire assembly is acid dipped and treated to an epoxy primer. The enclosed spaces are coated in cavity wax for years of rust-free cruising.

Now with a strong foundation, their attention turned to the engine. The straight six now has forged internals that are stronger and much lighter than the originals. A modern electronic fuel injection system has nearly doubled the torque output. This made them address the transmission’s weak points. Their new aluminum 5-speed has triple synchros and a deep overdrive for the highway.

Rusty body panels prompted Uryk to remake them in aluminum, using traditional methods in lieu of modern machine tools. He and his team realized they had almost every part needed to restore an E-Type, so they took a leap of faith. In a press release this morning, we learned that Evolution E-Types will be showing their all-new cars February 14th to 17th at London Excel. The rebirth of this legendary car is reason to celebrate, so perhaps it is time to experience one for yourself. If you want a classic example please click on the link below and stay with us for all your classic car news.