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Report: Stephan Winkelmann to Leave Audi Sport for Bugatti

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It was announced that Stephan Winkelmann would his post as Lamborghini’s CEO back in February of 2016 and would become the CEO of Audi Sport. Now, a little over a year later, Autocar is reporting that Winkelmann is making another move, this time to Bugatti.

According to Autocar, Wolfgang Dürheimer will be leaving his CEO post at Bugatti and Winkelmann will take his place. However, Dürheimer will stay as the head of Bentley for the time being. However, the reporting article did note that Winkelmann will become the chairman of Bentley in the future.

Wolfgang Dürheimer (left) with Massimiliano Pogliani (centre) and Kevin Rose at Bentley Motors

Replacing Winkelmann is Michael-Julius Renz, who is leaving his position as President of Audi China’s sales division. He also previously was the head of sales for Audi in Germany.

At Bugatti, Winkelmann will be overseeing the future Chiron hypercar variants that will be introduced. Autocar says that the rumoured models include the Chiron Grand Sport and Chiron Supercar.