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Porsche Employees Get Massive Bonus

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It’s a good time to be a Porsche employee as the German automaker has announced big bonuses for their employees. Thanks to their exceptional 2017 financial year, Porsche Executive Board and Group works council came to an agreement regarding their employee’s upcoming bonus. First, employees will be getting an 8,600 euro ($10,593 USD) bonus that is Porsche’s thanks for a fantastic 2017 financial year. An additional 700 euro ($862 USD) is to be paid as a contribution to the Porsche VarioRente pension scheme or to individual pension schemes. But, it doesn’t stop there. Porsche employees are ALSO getting a “one-off 2018 anniversary bonus” of 356 euro ($438 USD). Yes, that’s right. They’re getting a bonus because of the company’s 70-year anniversary. That’s not bad at all. The total amount of bonuses is equivalent to about $11,893. That’s one generous company!

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